Post-Sex Cleanup

Say Goodbye to Towels and Wet Sheets

Say Hello to Spongina – Your New Hassle free Cleanup Solution!

Spongina - Your New After Sex Cleanup Solution

What is Spongina?

  • Spongina is your New Post-Sex cleanup solution
  • Made out of soft sterilised Medical Grade material with no additives
  • Just place it in, make a light swirl and you are good to go 
  • No towels, no wet sheets or any of the usual hassle afterwards
Spongina - Your New After Sex Cleanup Solution

How to use it?

*Read the full instructions here


What our Customers think?

"Just wow! I really didn’t believe this would work but actually it did and much better than expected. Definitely will order again! 🔥"
Elisa S.
"Great product! Tbh I didn’t even know I needed these before I saw them online. I tested them and it was surprisingly quick and comfortable to use, they really took the afterward “squishy” feeling away that usually lasts for hours after. These will be a staple for me from now on 👏🏻"
Hanna V.
"The product is easy to use, nice to take with me when I travel and I was also positively surprised of how soft the sponge is. Just placed my second order! 🥰"
Spongina - Your New After Sex Cleanup Solution

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